Replacing Several Missing Teeth

If you have several missing teeth, you have two options to replace them, dentures, or an implant supported bridge.

Dentures are more economical and require less treatment time, but patients can find them difficult to wear. They can feel bulky or uncomfortable and they can limit the foods you are able to eat. They can also make you feel very self-conscious, especially if they are not a particularly good fit. Because the bone in your jaw gradually shrinks away from areas with no teeth, it means you can also be left with an ageing, "sucked-in" appearance around your mouth and jaw.

An implant supported bridge looks and feels very realistic, gives predictable results, and does not have any adverse effects on your other teeth. It also helps to maintain your jaw bone and facial contours. The disadvantages are that treatment involves a small amount of surgery and can take a few months to complete. It is more expensive initially however it is more cost effective in the long-term.

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