Solutions When All Teeth Are Missing

These days there are a number of modern, highly effective solutions for patients who have lost all their teeth, which no longer rely on traditional and often problematic removable dentures.  Most of these solutions rely on implant technology. 

Implant supported over-denture

The simplest and most cost-effective implant-related solution is stud-attached removable over-dentures. These are similar to a normal high quality denture, but are held in place by implants.

Implant supported SynCone® prosthesis

One step up from this is the SynCone® prosthesis. This provides a much stronger and more secure solution, using the latest technology and materials. In particular, it vastly improves patients’ ability to chew properly. It is removable for cleaning, but can otherwise be worn throughout the day and night.

Implant supported fixed bridge

An implant supported bridge is the nearest thing to natural teeth using implant technology. We place a larger number of implants, and use them to support fixed bridgework. It carries significant advantages over other solutions, but does depend on there being sufficient bone present.

For patients who have significant bone loss due to dental disease or trauma, or who are unable to have implant-supported treatment due to other complicating factors, we are able to offer a precision-milled detachable bridge, which provides the next best thing to natural teeth for complex cases.

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Dental implant costs

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