Replacing A Single Tooth

If you have just one missing tooth, there are a number of options available to replace it.  These include a bridge, a partial denture, or an implant with a crown fitted to it.

A bridge is a good option if the missing tooth is in a less visible part of your mouth. It's fairly cost-effective, but it does have drawbacks. The neighbouring teeth can require treatment to make them strong enough to support the bridge, which means removing some of the natural tooth material or even crowning them. Additionally, the bone that surrounded the tooth gradually shrinks away, giving a "sucked-in" appearance often associated with denture wearers.

A partial denture is a cost-effective option, but we find that many patients prefer not to have a denture for just one tooth. Dentures can feel bulky, be difficult to tolerate, and can make it difficult to eat or speak properly. There is also the same issue of bone loss around.

Dental implants are ideal for any area of the mouth, as they look and feel very realistic. They provide predictable and long-lasting results, do not have any effect on neighbouring teeth, and help to prevent bone loss around the tooth socket. Their only drawbacks are that they require some surgical work, and are more expensive.

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